Fuse Race John Kneeskin – Hot Pink – Female Racing Size 28


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Finis –

The FINIS Fuse Race John Kneeskin now comes in Hot Pink so you can now really stand out on the blocks. This entry level race suit offers elite level results with its hydro-reflective fabric to reduce drag and flexible compression without limiting the range of motion. The bonded seams and durable features offer an incredible fit, so you can look and feel the best on race day. Features Optimal Compression Technology – High-compression fabric with resilient elasticity UV Protective Textile – Hydro-reflective textile provides UVA/UVB protection Hydro-reflective properties – Fabric repels water to reduce drag Assembled by hand with premium Italian fabric Flexible compression – resilient properties offer compression without limiting range of motion Versatile fit – Bonded seams and durable features offer the most universal fit Watertight edges – Silicone edges create a comfortable grip on the legs and waist Welded seam technology – Bonded seams reduce drag and friction throughout the suit Fabric: 71% Polyamide 29% Elastane Knit

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